CEO message

Message of Challenges and Growth


The 21century where we are staying is the stage of unlimited competition. It is the circumstance that can not avoid the chains of intense competitions due to the enormous foreign capitals, technologies and powerful marketing infra.


However, compared to the same products of foreign companies, our company has been recognized its quality under our own brand name of A & A by supplying products including the nation’s first manufactured Angio Catheter to the well known University hospitals and large scale hospitals.

Discarding the selfishness for the success, our company will continue to step ahead by conducting the research and development for the items to survive from the Korean medical market from the aspects of quality and price of the items that can compete with the world’s leading medical items.

At the end, we would like to ask your support and encouragement not to limit the current success only at the nations, but to have the fruitful results to open the export of the items to the worldwide markets.

CEO of A&A M.D.